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Research Reveals Common Genetic Basis For Problematic Alcohol Use

Buzzing, Vibrating Pill Could Make You Feel Full

Sniffing Women’s Tears Reduces Aggressive Behavior In Men

Study Helps Explain Post-COVID Exercise Intolerance

Why methylation clocks are failing

The Merely Overweight Cost Society Far More Than The Obese

Were Neanderthals Morning People ?

Clues To Preventing Alzheimer’s Come From Patient Who, Despite Genetics, Evaded Disease

Specific Genetic Variant May Help Prevent Obesity

Daily Zaps May Help Alzheimer’s Disease

Mysterious Cosmic Ray Defies Origins And Energies

Sound Therapy May Ease Concussion Symptoms

Listen To Iceland’s Recent Seismic Activity

AI Faces Now Look More Real Than Actual Human Face

Any Activity Is Better For Your Heart Than Sitting – Even Sleeping

Abortion Bans Linked To Increase In Children Entering Foster System

Want To Achieve Your Goals? Get Angry

Zoom Suppresses Thought

People Everywhere Care Less About Their Cats Than Their Dogs

The Rise Of ‘Incels’

Gene Therapy Effectively Targets Glioblastoma

Bionic Hand Merges With User’s Nervous And Skeletal Systems

3D Printing Shows Promise For Repairing Brain Injuries

Exercise-Mimicking Drug Sheds Weight, Boosts Muscle Activity In Mice

Neurons Restore Walking In Mice After Total Paralysis

Fewer People Going To Prison — Except White Women

Alleviating paralysis with new brain-reading technologies

Intermittent Fasting Could Slow Aging

How 12% Of Americans Eat Half The Nation’s Beef

An adjustment to Newton’s gravity?

Barnacles May Help Reveal Location Of Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

A Simple Mouth Rinse Could Spot Early Heart Disease Risk

Common Wristbands ‘Hotbed’ For Harmful Bacteria Including E. Coli, Staphylococcus

Raising Awareness Of Long Covid ‘Blue Legs’ Symptom

Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment Would Use High-Frequency Terahertz Radiation

Smoking Gun: Fructose Intake Drives Obesity

Japanese Vaccine May Hold Key To Prevent Or Reduce The Impact Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Worm Resurrected From Siberian Permafrost Laid Dormant For 46,000 Years

Why Doctors Using ChatGPT Are Unknowingly Violating HIPAA

Inflammation Discovery Could Slow Aging, Prevent Age-Related Diseases

“Weekend Warrior” Physical Activity Provides Similar Heart-Related Benefits As More Regular Exercise

Unusual Fossil Shows Rare Evidence Of A Mammal Attacking A Dinosaur

Genes For Learning, Aggression Traced Back 650 Million Years

FDA Approves First Nonprescription Birth Control Pill

Belief In Animal’s Capacity For Emotion Linked To Better Health And Welfare

Potential Breakthrough In Cancer Treatment By Targeting Extra Chromosomes

Ancient Sea Scourge Not So Fearsome After All

New Ferroelectric Material Could Give Robots Muscles

That Essential Morning Coffee May Be A Placebo

Oldest Evidence Of Cannibalism Identified Among Human Ancestors

New Method Uses Sound Waves For Storing Quantum Information

Ketone Supplements Worsen Performance In Endurance Athletes

Moral Breakdown Is A Fake Problem

Promising Results For Antihistamine As Potential MS Treatment

Solar Probe Unveils The Sun’s Secrets: Fast Solar Wind Traced To Coronal Holes

Mondays Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attack

Plants Possess Sense Of Touch Without Nerves

Engineers Harvest Clean Energy From Thin Air

Married People Who Cheat Don’t Regret It

Origin Of Life Finding Points Way To Carbon Capture Tech

Looks Like Marge Simpson: Phage Structure Captured For The First Time

Research pinpoints the time of year and hour when people have the strongest suicidal thoughts

Gene-Edited Super Calf Resistant To Brutal Virus

When Lab-Grown Brain Organoids Challenge Our Definition Of Personhood

Quick Weekend Edition: Sharing Bank Accounts May Keep Love Alive

AI Could Run A Million Microbial Experiments Per Year

Star Eats Planet, Brightens Dramatically

Study Finds Specific Bacterial Link To Happiness

What the U.S. Needs Now Is Next-gen Nuclear Reactors

Lead Vocal Tracks In Popular Music Go Quiet

If It Pays To Be A Jerk, Why Isn’t Everyone That Way?

Using Solar Farms To Generate Fresh Desert Soil Crust

Scientists Identify Mind-Body Nexus In Human Brain

Why your dinner may be lousy with multi-drug-resistant bacteria

Have we got it wrong on how the universe evolved? Images suggest so

New Research Shows We All Need A Three-Day Weekend

Your Baby’s Gut Is Crawling With Unknown Viruses

‘Beige Fat’ Could Hold Key To Age-Related Metabolism

Medieval Monks Accidentally Recorded Some Of History’s Biggest Volcanic Eruptions

Path To Net-Zero Carbon Capture Leads To Ocean, Baking Soda

What It Sounds Like When Plants Cry

Octopus Camouflage Ability Transferred To Human Skin Cells

Learning To Grow Machine-Learning Models Like ChatGPT

DNA Treatment Could Delay Paralysis That Strikes Nearly All Patients With ALS

Humans Are Not Just Big Mice

Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way For World-First Experimental Wormhole

Ever Wonder Why Brits Sound So Smart?

What ‘Chornobyl Dogs’ Can Tell Us About Survival In Contaminated Environments

Torn Muscle? Send In The Gut Microbes For Rapid Repair

NASA’s Curiosity Views First ‘Sun Rays’ On Mars

'COVID Rebound' Far More Common Than Realized, Even In Untreated Patients

Scientists to create biocomputers powered by human brain cells

Psychedelics May Help People Reinvent Themselves

Pill For Skin Disease Also Curbs Excessive Drinking

Time Of Day May Determine The Amount Of Fat Burned By Exercise

Decades Of Conflict In Iraq Have Fueled Catastrophic Rise In Antibiotic Resistance

Gay Men Discriminate Against Feminine Gay Men

Tickertape Synesthesia: When The World Appears As Subtitles

Robot: I’m Sorry. Human: I Don’t Care Anymore!

Bioengineered Skin Grafts That Fit Like A Glove

The Unexpected Benefit of Coffee With Milk

Nukes needed to save Earth from common killer asteroid

Roboticized: As we automate, are we going about it right?

Omicron XXB1.5 'Kraken' Subvariant Is On The Rise: What We Know So Far

Eating One Freshwater Fish Equals A Month Of Drinking ‘Forever Chemicals’ Water

Scientists Discover a Protein That Helps Both Repair And Grow Muscles

Exxon Scientists Predicted Global Warming With ‘Shocking Skill And Accuracy’

Oh, Great: Early Retirement Can Accelerate Cognitive Decline

First-In-Kind Psychedelic Trials Treat Opioid And Methamphetamine Use Disorders

Body Scars Repaired Via Hair Transplants

Bizarre Bird From China Shows Decoupled Skull And Body

‘Semi-Sub’ Shows Spy Potential Of Sailing At Waterline

Ketamine’s Schizophrenic-Like Effects Could Aid Psychosis Research